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town and county garage
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We are a full-service repair shop that has been in business for 45 years.  We work on a large assortment of vehicles and large equipment.    If you are in need of maintenance work or a major repair we will take care of it all.


Established in 1972.

We were started in 1972 with the vision of giving people reliable car repair at a fair price.  That has continued to be the way we do business for 45 years.  We believe you should be able to trust our repair shop to fix only what needs to be fixed and to do this at a reasonable cost.  We specialize in diagnostics as well as being able to service cars from yesterday all the way to today’s newest models.

Meet the Business Owner

Bradley O.
Business Owner

Bradley has been working on cars since before he could drive them.  He has been working in the car repair industry for 25+ years.  He specializes in diagnostics but he can fix anything that comes his way.  He and his wife are working together to make Town & County the garage you can trust.